WANTED: 3 cool artists (and 1 funky one)

Hey art community – I’ve been asked to put together a special show at a HIGH-profile sim at the end of the month.  I need artists who can show up to 5 pieces of art that defines cool.  I’m looking for passion, flair, style – something that GRABS the viewer.

If you want to be part of this unique show, take a snapshot of your work (NO ORIGINAL TEXTURES!), label it with your name and drop it in my inventory (Morris Vig).  Get your submissions in NOW…I’ll fill the spaces as quick as I can!

Tomorrow: MoShang Zhao LIVE @ 6:30PM SLT

My screwy week last week circumvented proper promotion of this event, but that’s no reflection on the quality of the performer to play at Oyster Bay tomorrow night.

MoShang Zhao is a practitioner of “Chinese Chill” music. His bio better describes it:

MoShang is a sound jeweler living in Taiwan. He collects rough audio diamonds from the streets of Taiwan (be they overheard conversations, street-ads blared from the ubiquitous blue-trucks, street processions or funeral chants) and fuses them with traditional Chinese instruments and laid-back beats to create a unique blend of downtempo electronica he likes to call Chinese Chill.

It is music unlike anything I’ve heard before, but it’s totally accessible and enjoyable. Dance if you want, relax if you want. It’ll be a GREAT time.

See you tomorrow!