Oyster Bay by WindLight

Oh, Torley, you tease….

If you haven’t seen it yet, this is Cheen Pitney’s Bullrider. Of course, Torley’s using Windlight…and we can’t right now…so this is as good as you’re going to see it. Oh, I can’t wait. I had a taste of WindLight in the prior FirstLook viewer – it was SO choice!

Hidden Starax! Week 1: Achilles and Samson

The collaboration between Oyster Bay sculpture garden and the Crescent Moon Museum has begun! Come see Hidden Starax! – 6 weeks of classic rare (and some free/copyable) pieces from the now-departed wizard of prims.

We’re starting with the classics – the towering Achilles and a fitting counterpart in Samson. Over 200 prims of strength each – wonders to be seen! They’ll be here through Sunday!

Achilles is a tremendous piece in scope and size:

Thanks to Daedalus Young and Randal Kline for posting snapshots on Snapzilla!

As for Samson, he’s trying to hold things up (while I sit around doing nothing to help…:

Come see these pieces today!