TallGuy Kidd bannerYou gotta love the summer. All the school employees are on summer break, and those who struggled valiantly to get inworld during the year suddenly find themselves flush with time. Some, like Sunn Thunders, build a fantastic immersive experience (“The Abyss” – a collaboration with Rezago Kokorin). Others, like Isolde Flamand, try their hands at other aspects of Second Life culture.

Isolde’s decided to try her hand at event management at Oyster Bay. She’s been suggesting that Oyster Bay host a favorite artist of hers, TallGuy Kidd, for some time. So she set about bringing him in…and Oyster Bay will host TallGuy Kidd on next Wednesday, July 25 at 6PM SLT!

TallGuy is known in real life as Dale Marsh (great website, by the way), a West Texas crooner who brings his country style into the metaverse a couple of times every week. Second Life music, streaming in through PC’s on Shoutcast servers using programs like WinAmp, is perfectly made for a person with a guitar. There are great singer-guitarists in Second Life, like Spaceman Opus, Komuso Tokugawa, Smily Raymaker and others (I cite those three because of their past shows at Oyster Bay). I’ve dropped in on a couple SL shows by TallGuy and love his easygoing attitude and “just have fun” approach. There’s some depth as well, as this review on his website suggests:

The enjoyment in Dale’s music is in its universality. The message of each song is personal, nostalgic, and touches the memories. All real good music finds an easy pathway to the listener’s heart. Once there, Dale Marsh’s music finds a warm and genuine welcome.

One other thing: TallGuy has this song, “The Yahoo! Song,” which is a blast for those of us in the virtual world. He’ll ask the big question, “Do You Yahoo?” in a way that you’ve never considered.

Please join us – it’ll be a great summertime night, one you don’t need to be on summer vacation to enjoy!