“A Clockwork Orange” – A Second Life Homage




The Muzik Hauz has gone through multiple changes while in Second Life, but has been around for a long time! Unique music and unique ideas come from the crew involved. Here is their homage to The Clockwork Orange. ( I tried to create the opening scene to the movie using myself and Mr Widget, the owner.

2 Responses

  1. Second Life News for March 2, 2008

    From: Looker Lumlet Dinosaurs extincted on Second Life Quote from the site – I was witness of a great spectacle on the Liberty Sim last Thursday!
    The Dino’s were going to be extincted, and was announced in all Rezzable media. So, I had to be ther…

  2. Hey thank you the cool photos of days long gone. That was a fun little build.

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