First blush: Tonight’s Origin Rang show

Oh my goodness…so many great things to say about tonight’s classical piano recital from Origin Rang. I’ll post a deeper recap in the next day or two, but let’s share in a picture:

Look at all the people who came to the show. We basically had the sim filled to the brim for the entire 90 minutes. And there was VERY good reason, as Origin was brilliant.

A full sim to hear world-class classical piano. Amazing. What a special, special evening.

More tomorrow…

HIDDEN STARAX! comes to Oyster Bay

Six-week rotating exhibit combines rare pieces with free versions of Starax classics


OYSTER – Oyster Bay Sculpture Garden, Market & Aquarium and the Crescent Moon Museum are pleased to announce their collaboration on a new rotating exhibit that celebrates the Second Life of the master of SL sculpture, Starax Statosky.

Starax Angel and Devil

“Hidden Starax!” will present over 20 rare Starax pieces over the course of 6 weeks, beginning on the evening of Wednesday, July 25. The pieces will rez on the main exhibit platform in the Oyster sim at Oyster Bay. Sculpture pieces will include Starax classics like Kong, Drowned, Achilles and David and Goliath. Due to high prim counts, only one or two pieces will be on display at a time. The pieces will rez on Wednesday and Sunday nights on the main platform.

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