Walkabout: MoShang Zhao at his Comfort Zone

After another big day at RL work, I arrived home (too late, really) to see that MoShang Zhao was playing a gig at his SL residence, “MoShang’s Comfort Zone.” It’s always great to hear my friend from Taiwan. He’s added backing tracks for a few new songs – or at least pieces that I don’t recall hearing before.

Such a wonderful talent…It’s always a treat to spend time listening to MoShang’s Chinese Chill. I always leave in such a better frame of mind!
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My music journey, courtesy of Second Life

Lest anyone think that Mr. Vig inhabits Second Life only to ridicule Linden Lab when not navel-gazing, let me take inspiration from the finale of “American Idol” and share a little about perhaps my favorite aspect of Second Life – the music scene. Someone said that live music is Second Life’s “killer app,” and I would tend to agree thus far. Let the corporate types meet and ponder their game-changing paradigms, I’ll go to a show. And I go just about every night that I’m inworld. The old DJ in me comes out at night…

I was introduced to the music scene by Breeze Winnfield, one of the great sim-builders…who might not be inworld any longer. I haven’t heard from her in months. Anyway, she invited me to explore the music world with her. Breeze is a rootsy-bluesy music fan, so her initial tour played to those strengths. Learn all about my music voyage after the fold… Continue reading

The Best Second Life Arts Event Ever

Major league congratulations to Isolde Flamand, who hosted the perfect storm of an event last night with the closing party for her Spring 2008 “Mosaic in SLiving Color” show. It was, in my humble opinion, The Best Second Life Arts Event Ever. And I’ve hosted a couple events and attended a couple more, so I’ll suggest that my opinion is pretty well informed.

What made the “Mosaic” show so great? A number of factors, which I will detail:

  • A creative concept: The idea of individuals purchasing prim “tiles” and placing their unique inworld photos representing the coming of Spring on the tiles was something I’d never seen before.
  • Engagement of the larger grid community in something bigger than any one person: L$1 per tile! L$10 per photo upload! For L$11 per tile, anyone had a chance to share a little personally-generated creativity.
  • A great performer: For my money, MoShang Zhao is one of SL’s top performers (and talented enough to match up as equals with SL blues god Komuso Tokugawa in an ambient experience like few others). He plays an accessible brand of music and engages the crowd like few others do. Special props to MoShang for open sourcing his Asian Variations CD, which I know many have used as their means to check out MoShang’s music before purchasing other music from this talented, prolific artist. MoShang also said he’s busy producing a few other artists right now, but he will be focusing his next efforts on deep house music. I am SO pumped to learn this.
  • Lots of friends: Gosh, Isolde has a lot of them. And they turn out when Isolde sends out the call. Life lesson to all SLers: Be a friend to others, and they will be there for you.
  • Lots of newcomers: This is less expected but no less welcome. I saw a LOT of new names at the party. The great music, enticing art display and witty banter amongst the pixel peeps clearly was an attractive combination for the uninitiated.
  • A sim crash: Here is where this event truly rises above the other great art-music-fellowship events. Many fine programs attract a bunch of dancing queens and kings with sufficient capacity to crash a sim. (And no event qualifies as a great event in Second Life unless you crash the sim.) This time, however, the style points won out. We didn’t just crash the sim. We crashed it with pillows. That’s right kids, we used temp-rezzing pillow launchers to pummel each other and the Havok 4 sim senseless. It may have been the best sim crash that I’ve ever been a part of.

Hats off to the new master. It was a genuine joy to be a part of last night’s event.

[UPDATE: Just to show that we’re not 100% virtual-centric, Isolde suggested that I pass along this YouTube video of MoShang playing in RL. Apparently his avatar and his humanoid have the same mad skillz…and moves!]

Machinima: MoShang Zhao & Komuso

Osprey Therian was wise (and talented) enough to make this machinima of the aural/visual feast from last night’s gig featuring MoShang Zhao and Komuso Tokugawa playing live – together – while connecting from different countries. MoShang’s in Taiwan; Komuso’s in Tokyo, Japan. Regardless, the music is great. Komuso’s particle show is a treat to watch as well!

Great chill music – with an SL twist!

If you haven’t noticed, I’m a bit of a fan of MoShang Zhao and his Chinese Chill style of music.  I’ve found that a great way to find good new music if by checking out the links offered by artists I like, so I mined his links and found Anji Bee and Lovespirals!

Anji is a big-time SL podcaster apparently, and one VERY tuned in to the “chill” music scene.  If you’re interested in exploring this great genre of music, check out her site and listen to a podcast or two.  And — wouldn’t you know — Anji and her Lovespirals partner, Ryan, have performed inworld!

One of these days, we’ll get them to play Oyster Bay.  Until then, there are the podcasts, MP3’s and CDs.

Go check this band out!

The view from up here

With all that’s been alluded to, I suppose I’d best share a little of the excitement to come at Oyster Bay. So let me get positioned, and I’ll pull the curtain back for you…

There, that’s better! Why don’t you jump into “Moresville” for the scoop?

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MoShang Zhao LIVE at Oyster Bay

The pixels are a-gyrating as MoShang plays his Chinese Chill for the masses. Wonderful world music, electronic layers with Asian influences…
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