Since Linden Lab announced its Second Life brand guidelines on March 24, 2008, Second Arts would like to make its position clear.

This blog is not run by a company. It is run by a person. That person’s Second Life avatar name is Morris Vig. If Linden Lab wants the contact information on that avatar name, they can look the info up in their customer database. Lord knows I give them enough money.

I acknowledge Linden Lab’s ownership of the Second Life brand identity. I do not feel that my blog title, “Second Arts,” treads on Linden Lab’s “Second Life” trademark. I also think that Linden Lab’s “inSL” trademark is corny and have no plans to use it.

If Linden Lab doesn’t like how I use their brand identity in my content, they can let me know. If they don’t like how I portray their actions and behavior, I’ll suggest that my commentary on their conduct has no bearing on the quality of their brand. If I am proven to be factually incorrect in my assertion of actions, events and outcomes, they again can let me know and I will make corrections as are appropriate.

At the same time, this is a site devoted to commentary on the goings-on in the Linden Lab-owned Second Life main grid and on the actions taken by Linden Lab that impact the Second Life main grid. As a citizen of the United States of America, I reserve my First Amendment right to free speech in offering my opinions.  The legal term, I believe, is Fair Use.
Lastly, I complain because I love. Linden Lab, please take note before persecuting me. It’s users like me that give your lifeless grid its soul.

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