31 July: Oyster Bay “CultureBeats” on Doubledown’s DeepSexyCool show

SL’s best DJ, Doubledown Tandino asked for some help putting together an art show for his weekly DeepSexyCool show at the Playboy sim a week from today, 31 July, from 6-10PM SLT.


Doubledown wanted primarily wall art (2D pieces), so I put out an all-hands request for submissions from the SL art community. In the process I found some TERRIFIC artists whose works will be on display during Doubledown’s show. It now looks like I’ll be able to include a few sculptures, so I’ll contact the Oyster Bay artisans as well as rez a few favorites from deep in my personal collection.

Should be a fun show, and Doubledown and I just figured out how to Skype-talk tonight (a side benefit of the SL grid being down is that learning improves immeasurably!)…so I’ll be live with DD throughout the evening explaining the pieces.

Off-site events like this are a GREAT way to spread the appreciation of art (and especially SL-created art!) through the SL population. Playboy runs a professional (and surprisingly restrained, at least against SL “mature” standards) sim, and Doubledown is as solid as they come. I’m honored to put Oyster Bay’s name on this sign.

Ub Yifu moves to sculpture recreations – does Degas!

New SL sculptor Ub Yifu, who rose to prominence recreating classic RL paintings in the 3D evironment of Second Life, has moved to creating SL versions of classic RL sculptures. One of his first, his version of Degas’ “Tiny Dancer,” just was placed on display at Oyster Bay yesterday.

You are invited to view this incredible sculpture, which uses subtle flexi prims to bring the piece alive in the SL outdoors.

Enjoy this fine piece – a worthy lead-in to “Hidden Starax!”