What is wrong with the SL snapshots?

From the Release Candidate 1.20 viewer, I’m now getting this crappy black grid on all of my snaps!

I’ve posted this problem on the JIRA – log in and throw some votes my way…

Last chance to catch “The Wall in SL” this weekend

If you haven’t seen it yet, you’re doing yourself a disservice.  This is one incredible show. I’ll be out of town on Saturday, or I’d be there in a heartbeat to get one last look.

My Oyster Bay book arrived today!

I’ll post some photos soon, but my Oyster Bay book arrived in hardbound, slip-jacketed format.  200 pages, around 700 or so pictures, all virtuality, all Oyster Bay.  What a wonderful nostalgia piece representing a magical time in the evolution of virtual worlds!

I’m not making a dime off of this, so I’ll spare the bashful stuff:  At less than US$30 for a paperback copy, anyone who is REALLY interested in the Second Arts – the artwork that is created using the tools of the Second Life environment – should buy this book.

It’s here!  It’s HERE!!  IT’S HERE!!!

Let’s be clear about independent music, SL and otherwise

I just made a day-trip in the car for my job and had a chance to listen to a couple of the artists whose work I picked up on Amie Street at the recommendation of other listeners who liked Chouchou (as I do).

I’m going to try to pick my words very carefully as not to blow things too far out of proportion. The CDs I downloaded were woefully inconsistent. Some was out-of-this world, taking me to a higher place as all great music does to its listeners. And, on the very same CDs, I was forced to just skip the songs because they were so bad.

At the same time, I’m a listener to XM Radio. By and large, I can listen to any of my 3 favorite stations for hours. Nothing is so bad as to make me want to change channels. (Well, except that God-awful Fergie “Big Girls Don’t Cry” song. What in the world was she thinking there? Blech.) Thus, I think it’s safe to say that the major label acts are probably more consistent.

And the major label recordings cost lots more than independent acts on Amie Street, emusic and other download sites. So I think it’s safe to say that you get what you pay for. The market largely works itself out.

Which brings me to the Second Life music scene. My post regarding “My Music Journey” in Second Life was not exhaustive. Not in the least. But I will suggest that, from a consistency point of view, the artists listed in that post are the best that I’ve found in Second Life…or through Second Life. These folks rise above the rest, in my humble opinion. Will every song on every CD be Grammy-worthy? Heck no. But will you have a good time listening to these people’s recordings or catching them in an inworld concert? Heck yes!!

So I want to be clear. I’m as much of a home town fan as anyone else about Second Life and the institutions and cultures of that wacky, laggy grid. But I’m also a music fan who doesn’t wear blinders because it’s OUR music or OUR artists in question. There’s an intersection of what I consider high quality music and the independent music quality of the Second Life scene. Where it exists, I strongly suggest that you seek it out.

The comments I received from Anji and Grace were quite nice but totally unnecessary. They’re both great artists, as are the others that I mentioned. If music’s your thing, they deserve your support.

Kaeli Candour’s “Magic FX”

From the Garden of NPIRL Delights…a wonderful kinetic effect used in both the water and air. Reminds me of the luminescent Chouchou logo. Very attractive.
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Live from the Garden of NPIRL Delights

With my real estate issues resolved, it’s time to get back out on the walkabout path…and I would be a bad arts patron if I didn’t get around to the Garden of NPIRL Delights. I’m standing in the middle of Andrek Lowell’s otherworldly forest build. Lots of fun.

I took one other stab at the garden and was just overwhelmed at the magnitude of the works on display. So I’ll just take them one build at a time. If I finish, that’s great. If not, life goes on. Time to enjoy the creativity.
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The Linden Department of Unintended Consequences

From Snapzilla, a photo comment by Marianne McCann:

It was a good dream, though

Reality hits Bay City. Flippers paid obscene prices for those lots, and now expect to turn a profit. Expect to see ugly, spinning boxes for a very, very long time. My store *could* have been in this view.

Imagine what could have been. A somewhat quirky area. expensive, sure, but filled with passionate SLers who make some cool stuff (which is why the can afford it). Beautiful, in-theme buildings. A place worth walking around in an enjoying, where you can actually “window shop” in some real form. Maybe even have a little brownstone of your own to live out of in what would be a thriving community.

A good dream, killed.

Marianne’s not alone.  Look through the comments on the Bay City “Content Package” blog entry at SecondLife.com.  Most of the more critical feedback focussed on the land flippers, and some went into the larger question of why Linden Lab is getting into the land development business (an even more germane issue after reading the more substantive parts of M Linden’s recent blog entry that highlights his understanding that the new user experience is not good, to say the least).

I can only hope that Linden Lab didn’t know what they were getting themselves into with this Bay City concept.  Best of intentions, yes.  No question there.  Now, however, their shining example of content has ad farms and spinning “property for sale” prims.

Think, Lindens.  Think.