The Aliens! are back – as Greenies!

Back in late Febuary/early March, I was fortunate enough to grab a big new parcel of land on the water in Shepherd. Not knowing what to do with it immediately (such is the way of land purchasing in the SL mainland – buy now, think later), I figured that the best short-term solution while I thought over potential uses would be to hold a brief, special exhibit featuring a collection called “Aliens!” by the enigmatic SL artist called Light Waves.

Light Waves created a series of 12 little green aliens and put them in situations where they were adapting to life on earth. These pieces were available in art circles for free, as Light Waves apparently did not have interest in anyone profiting from the works. I had put some of the pieces out, one by one, when space permitted. As I acquired other parcels, I occasionally placed an Aliens! series piece in the midst of a forest prim farm as a surprise for the entrepreneurial SL explorer. In my opinion, these works represented some of the very best that SL sculpture art can offer – combining a clear theme with technical brilliance. Never mind that they are hysterical!

When the time came to do a special show, I instant messaged Light Waves (whom I have never met “face to face” – his avatar is apparently a beam of light, hence the quotes) and asked if it would be OK to show his Aliens! series. Not only did he approve, he sent me a fresh set of the little green characters. I think I set about 8 of the 12 out…Oyster and Shepherd are PG sims, and a couple of the pieces deal with more adult themes. Knowing that I got the pieces for free and wanting to continue Light Waves’ commitment to free, top quality art for the masses, I also received his approval to package all 12 pieces for free distribution during the exhibit.

The two-week (?) show was a wild success, with the Aliens! taking over the Oyster Bay waterfront and attracting all sorts of passers-by. Over 150 sets of the 12 Aliens! characters were distributed for free. Even Torley Linden posted a snapshot from the show at Snapzilla. From his comment, he may have been one of the 150 lucky folks! Here’s his pic – look at the song that’s playing on the iPod:

Step up to the present day and see what’s become of the Aliens! after the fold!

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New masthead

It’s been a month, and Oyster Bay has been rebuilt since the last masthead was created. So I’ve retired the June/July edition with Sandhya2 Patel’s blue butterfly faeries (still one of my favorite collections at Oyster Bay on an emotional level) and created a new masthead.

This month, the masthead features a closeup of one of Baba Bu’s gently swirling water pieces. He’s got a couple pieces right on the water, catching the light from the sky and the reflection from the water. They’re lovingly textured and, when you stop to look at them, are just wonderful to watch move in the Oyster wind.  (And they’re really not expensive…they would brighten up any waterfront, be it an oceanview or a pond!)  For a little extra pizazz, I indulged my inner Torley and flipped the RenderGlow on to light the piece up. I hope you like it…if you don’t, it’ll only be a month.

Glimpse of the SL future

Read past the stock market stuff about Interlibber Brautigan’s company salvaging Mind The Box and get to page 2 of this article for what I think is the first public mention of a NON-Linden Lab Second Life grid:

BNT [Brautigan’s company] plans on opening its own independent grid by end of summer with their own co-location facility in New Hampshire and will offer a plug-in for SL users that will allow them to jump from grid to grid in a teleport only a little longer than a normal teleport.

Members of the libsl team are on the staff and BNT will be using OpenSim on their own servers, which Brautigan plans to make “griddable” by end of summer. “Then all that is left is signing a license agreement with LL to allow users on our grid to access their SL money and inventory,” said Brautigan. “New Hampshire is a state that is free of sales and income taxes, so we expect many businesses seeking to escape possible taxation or regulation will find our grid a haven. BNT’s Extropia grid will become the Switzerland of the metaverse.”

Beyond that, it’s good to see someone with means taking the reins to market Second Life.  I pretty much agree with Brautigan’s points outlined below:

BNT will advertise to RL media to drive potential investors into SL, who can sign up via the firm’s Web site and drive new users directly to their estates. Brautigan projects usage of as much as 30,000 people per day. “Because we’re focusing on financial publications, those users will be high income users. Most of the growth has been among people with far less disposable income or means to bring money inworld,” said Brautigan. “We are seeking to reverse that trend. One reason for the current market slowdown in SL is that LL doesn’t really market much and most developers don’t market outside the SL media, which has caused a very incestuous situation of people chasing the same money around among the same people. We need to bring new blood and new capital into SL and it’s the responsibility of those of us with the biggest investments to participate in marketing SL.”

So we see the economically empowered Lords of SL taking matters into their own hands – running their own grids,  doing their own marketing.  Good for them.  It’s their risk – and their reward.  I just hope there is a place for the individual user – and the artist – in this new Second Life model.

YouTube interview with Cheen Pitney

Magellan Egoyan conducted another in his series of video interviews, this one with Cheen Pitney.  It’s a terrific overview of some of Cheen’s works, with commentary by Cheen himself.

Here is a screenshot of the two gentlemen looking at Cheen’s fantastic Columbus statue in the Barcelona sim.  It’s a great piece, one that works so well in the surrounding environment.

Enjoy the video!