More great Oyster Bay photos

I ran into Texanna Schumann at the Playboy sim while setting up for DeepSexyCool: CultureBeats, and she told me that she had taken a couple snaps from Oyster Bay and posted them on her blog. How nice!

Origin Rang, from his amazing performance:

And Cheen Pitney’s golden eagle:

Thanks, Texanna!

All set up for DeepSexyCool: Culturebeats!

The better part of the day has been spent in the Playboy sim, working on the DeepSexyCool: Culturebeats show.  I’m tight on time, so I asked Isolde Flamand to take some quick snapshots to set the scene for this evening’s party….

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Starax’s studies in horses

Crescent Moon and Oyster Bay dig deep into the Hidden Starax! inventory for 2 pieces from February 2004 – BLACK HORSE and WILD. The 61 prim BLACK HORSE appears to be Starax’s first attempt at the horse figure, which morphed into the 247 prim (more than Achilles!) WILD. WILD captures a woman trying to tame a wild horse. The tension of the challenge is deftly sculpted by Starax Statosky. Some impressive work, indeed!

Admire these works – and get your free copy of Starax’s SAMSON (only through Weds.!).

[Special thanks to Daedalus Young for the great snapshots!]