A couple quick notes

  • Cheen Pitney has a brand new blog covering his SL sculpture work.  Some terrific photos! Check it out here.
  • Rose Farina offers a GREAT overview of Oyster Bay artisan Sunn Thunders’ new SunnTee Arts gallery. I’ve been there myself, and it’s really well done. Worth a visit.
  • DJ Doubledown Tandino offered a little love for the new Oyster Bay build. And I just HAVE to show off his great graphic:

Pickup lines for Oyster Bay junkies

Oh my gosh – this is really funny.  Taken from a real Second Life chat last night (removing names to protect the innocent….):

  • You’re the Pearl in my Oyster
  • Shello, your bed or mine?
  • I clam up when I am shy
  • I like my sculpture raw
  • Come lie with the kelp and the world is your oyster
  • So is it true this sim is an aphrodesiac?

Hee hee – “I like my sculpture raw” – classic!