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If you enjoy sharing you love of the Second Life arts scene, consider writing at Second Arts!  No pay, no obligation, all for fun.  Interested parties should email me at morrisvig [at] sbcglobal [dot] net.

Cetus Gallery District for sale

From Jonah Zenovka, part of the Cetus leadership group:


March 23, 2009

Dear Valued Cetus Gallery District Community Members,

As many of you know, construction of Cetus began in 2006. Since then, the district has played an important role in the cultural life of the Second Life grid. Although I have been off-world and away from Second Life for some time now, Cetus has continued on, thanks to a dedicated team of residents.  However, given that my real life priorities have altered my SL ones so substantially in recent months, with an increased project load and new publishers occupying my schedule, I have decided either to: 1) identify a buyer for the sim, or 2) cease operations effective April 30, 2009. 

If you or someone you know may be interested in continuing the legacy of Cetus Gallery District, please contact me. Otherwise, please drop by the sim before the closing date for a final visit. Residents may collect rezzed objects prior to the 4/30/09, or those objects simply can be returned by me to your inventory after that date.

Thank you for being part of the wonderful experiment and historical moment – the world’s first online simulated urban arts district. While Cetus may not continue in operation should no one opt to take it over, our network of friends and business relationships – and fond memories – can endure well beyond Cetus.


Best Always,

Xander Ruttan

Founder, Cetus


Here’s hoping for the best for one of SL’s consistently fine arts venues…

Announcing “The Morris Vig Experience”

The Morris Vig ExperienceI think it’s best to de-link the increasingly personal nature of my blogging with the Second Arts blog, so I’m starting a second blog – The Morris Vig Experience – to focus on my random musings over things SL (and RL).  Second Arts will focus more more tightly on things related to the Second Life arts scene.

Get all of your sweet, crunchy, nutritious, Viggy goodness at the link above.  Hope you like it!

Second Arts: #61 on the list, #1 in your hearts!

Thanks to Second Effects for the mention. It’s an honor to be mentioned in that group of Second Life-related blogs!

Jazz by the Sea presents Beaumont-Vig-Rossini


Jazz by the Sea Gallery presents the Second Life art of Barrowness Beaumont, Morris Vig, and Cala Rossini.  Come! Take in Barrowness Beaumont’s  gorgeous dreamlike landscapes; Morris Vig’s wonderful, thought-provoking SLscapes populated with avatars going about their SLives, and a selection of Cala Rossini’s award winning SL photo art!

In addition, Jazz Calhern, owner of Jazz by the Sea Gallery, has scattered a collection of her breath-taking avatar art among the flowers and birds in her garden by the sea!  Come and see, and listen to lovely streamed Irish music!

Coming REAL soon…


That’s right, my first-ever photo exhibition.  Jazz Calhern (who, as opposed to me, is a really good inworld photographer) has been on me to show some photos.  I finally caved…and we’re almost to the opening of the show!  There will be three photographers (including me) in the gallery, and Jazz is setting up a park-like photo walk.

More news as it becomes available…

Congrats to Filthy Fluno!


Filthy Fluno by TerryAnn Antonelli - courtesy of Snapzilla

Filthy Fluno by TerryAnn Antonelli - courtesy of Snapzilla

If you haven’t yet heard, the inimitable Filthy Fluno was profiled in the New York Times Magazine.  Nice writeup, and surely will attract more creative minds to Second Life – a very good thing.


For those who aren’t aware, Filthy was part of a very interesting ArtTalk panel on Success in Second Life Art.  I kept a transcript of the talk and posted it on Second Arts.  It’s a good read…go check it out!

Bravo, Filthy!  Perhaps hitting the Times can be viewed as achieving just a small measure of success in Second Life art!