…but number ONE in our hearts!

Number 2Some might remember the kiosk on the former waterfront plaza at Oyster Bay – the Corsa Guide voting kiosk. The results came in and, somewhat surprisingly, no art venue cracked the top 10 venues in Second Life.

The top art venue as determined by kiosk voting came in number #11 overall, Cetus Gallery District. I don’t know the ownership at Cetus, but congratulations to them. I hope they use this position as the most popular art venue in Second Life to promote art and the arts in its many forms. Such a lofty position carries with it a position of responsibility to carry the torch for Second Life art.

And being the nosy sunuvagun that I am, I asked Corsa’s in-world Corsa Guide promoter, Corro Moseley, how Oyster Bay fared in the voting for art venues. I just got his response:

Corro Moseley: (Saved Sat Jul 14 18:10:15 2007) Cetus, Oyster (you!) and Art with Heart were the top 3 art sites!

Hey hey – We’re Number Two! Considering that I virtually never talked about the promotion outside of the blog entry mentioning it, I’m tickled. Sure, it’s a nice statement about Oyster Bay as a place in Second Life. It’s really a stronger endorsement of the quality of the artists, storeowners and performers who have offered their creative passion to the Second Life world. I’d like to congratulate everyone involved for their help in making Oyster Bay one of Second Life’s top art venues.

Being Number Two isn’t all bad. It removes the responsibility of being the top dog, and it kinda appeals to the friendly competitive guy in me. I actually like the challenge, having something to shoot for. It also is an incentive to keep innovating, to stay ahead of the rest of the pack while shooting for the top.

So here’s my commitment: As long as Oyster Bay is around, and as long as I’m the owner of the place, Oyster Bay will strive to be the finest portal to Second Life-generated artwork in the Metaverse. We’ll attempt to present work from the finest SL sculptors, photographers and musicians. We’ll educate, inform and entertain. And we’ll have a darned good time doing it.

Thank you, to all of you, for your support. Thanks to Corsa for sponsoring this friendly, low-key competition. And to Sasun Steinbeck, who suggested that Oyster Bay should be included in the impressive list of art venues under consideration. Being Number Two is quite an honor!

Not Ready For Prime Time

The “oldsters” reading this will recall Belushi, Ackroyd, Radner and the rest of the original Saturday Night Live crew. I wish that I was talking about such a fun topic but instead think it’s time for yet another sobering analysis of the ever-evolving culture that is Second Life.

In fairness, this post has little to do with SL art and Oyster Bay directly – but the global implications of these issues DO have an impact on the entire Metaverse. That being said, let’s take a look after the fold at some of the major headlines (with followup commentary/analysis where appropriate) of the past couple weeks…

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Sunn Thunders, Rezago Kokorin collaborate on “The Abyss”

Two Oyster Bay artisans, Sunn Thunders and Rezago Kokorin, launched their newest effort, “The Abyss,” this week.  It’s a fantastic display – one that was already well-described by the Virtual Artist Alliance’s Cyanide Seelowe in her blog post, Into The Abyss.  I hope Cy doesn’t mind that I poach a snapshot of hers to dress up this blog, but it’s one impressive exhibit….

These are two prolific artists!  Rezago participated in a fascinating video artist interview recently, and Sunn took the plunge and opened a private gallery to showcase his extensive inventory of Second Life art and sculpture, much with a Southwest (USA) flair.

Kudos to Rez and Sunn for their efforts – they educated, entertained and inspired with The Abyss.