October 2007: Doubledown Tandino’s month to shine

Photo by Phinn Boffin

Dang…DD takes up island life in RL, drops out of SL for a couple weeks during the relocation, and then gets showered with accolades:

All that was punctuated by his return show, which featured the best promotional sign I’ve ever seen:

What an incredible month!  Congrats, DD!

2 Responses

  1. Thanks Morris! Yes, this month has been incredible. Not to mention I also won the invent-a-word contest 2 days ago with the word “Metapparatus”
    Also, Isolde took me out to get a more realistic face! I look like me even more now.

    Let me know when’s good to do a performance at Oyster Bay, happy to do one any day any time that’s good for you.

  2. Now it’s January 2010, and this blog post still makes me smile in a big way. Over two years later, I thank you Morris for posting this entry.

    That flier is hilarious. A blast from the past!

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