With this machinima, I do believe I’ve seen it all…

I only wish I could take credit for it…classic.

Fireworks at Night

AM Radio is hard at work….

….and he has 2 entire sims to work with!  I’ve seen the work in progress, and it’s classic AM Radio.  Rockwell and Wyeth have nothing on the 3D landscapes that he paints with prims and textures.

Thanks to Callipygian Christensen for inviting me over for a preview.  Sadly, no pre-opening photos were permitted…and I wouldn’t test the friendship of someone like Calli.  But trust me…it’ll be worth the wait!

Want a hint at the theme this work?  Think “crossroads” and “new wheat field”.

I’m so glad I came inworld tonight…


Hi all – RL is pounding away on me, and this week’s evening inworld jaunts have been curbed significantly. I’m still reading the blogs (and am cautiously optimistic about M Linden based on his recent post) but just haven’t had time and energy to jump inworld.

So as I get my RL in order to again be a more active participant in the Second Life ™ grid, let me share with you the lovely Ella Fitzgerald, from 1968:

Oh. My. Lord.

I’m going off of the Second Life ™ wagon for a post because – in the midst of the Dark Knight hysteria (and it’s a great movie, especially in IMAX) – the Watchmen trailer is on the street.  The best graphic novel of all time is finally getting made into a film:

If you want even better graphics, check out the QuickTime version.

Sure, it’s not Second Life.  But look at the CGI and tell me that you haven’t seen some of these effects inworld…

Gov. Howard Dean streamed into Second Life

My political hero here inworld. Wow. Thanks to Netroots Nation for making this possible. I haven’t seen Gov. Dean live since I was campaigning for him in Davenport, Iowa in 2004….
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Gen. Wesley Clark streaming into SL

He’s speaking to the Netroots Nation convention in Austin, Texas and is simulcast inworld at NetRoots Nation Arena. Governor Howard Dean is next! Full sim inworld…nearly 60 avis here!
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