Oyster Bay’s broken “Light Mill”

Here’s a hard question: If you own a gallery and a scripted piece is broken, what do you do if the artist and owner of the piece is no longer in-world?

Do you remove the broken piece, knowing that it will never come back? Or do you leave it up, imperfect as it is? The piece still has value – its texturing is still as great as ever, its form is smooth and flowing…but its script is broken. The wind tosses the propeller to and fro. So sad.

Second Life misses you, Pakito Kawguichi.

TallGuy Kidd show recap

At long last, the TallGuy Kidd recap! Here are a few photos and comments on Wednesday night’s show:

The “have a friend write the recap” thing works so well that I asked the show promoter, Isolde Flamand, to briefly share her thoughts. Here’s what she had to say:

  • The music had something for everyone–some fast, some sad, some mellow, some funny.
  • TGK seemed to have as much fun as the audience, laughing and playing into the following hour.
  • It was the kind of evening that used to only happen on summer nights in the backyard, when out of town company shows up and brings a guitar, singing songs after a barbeque.
  • It had a kind of energy–seemed almost like we were participating in the concert, instead of just listening.

The thing that I noticed about TallGuy Kidd (besides the incredible number of women in the audience – guys, if you’re wondering where all the ladies in SL are, you’re clearly not at a TallGuy show), is his level of skill in performance.  He’s got a classic combination of clear, accessible lyrics and acoustic guitar prowess.

I listen to my share of real life singer songwriters like Shawn Mullins and David Baerwald, and TallGuy/Dale fits right into that mold. Yet TallGuy’s songs are perhaps a little more reflective than the two I mentioned. He has some incredibly heartfelt songs, such as “The Water is Wide” (which is written over a classic religious hymn), interspersed with the very funny “Yahoo! Song” and the kazoo-laden “Analog Guy in a Digital World.”

Like Mullins and Baerwald, TallGuy/Dale is a very strong performer who keeps his rock-solid fanbase happy while making a great first impression on TGK newbies. I think he made some new friends and fans on Wednesday night. Thanks to Isolde for putting the show together, and thanks to everyone who came out and enjoyed!