The Dream is real

Sneak peek: Summer Seale’s new “Summer” sim

Lots to say about this slideshow, but it’s late and I must turn in.  I’ll update later; for now, enjoy the show!

Burning Life: Let’s get it out on the table

Burning Life, the grid-wide celebration of unbridled* creativity, opened yesterday.  There’s a great unofficial Burning Life blog in addition to the official Linden Lab wiki/blog hybrid.  

I swung by last night to check out the fun and found that the section I explored resembled much of the welcome area and organization of the real Burning Man event.  I also stumbled across a creative build by AM Radio and chatted with both AM and his friend Astra (I’ll try to grab a snapshot later).

I would have spent more time there except, well, the lag was out of sight.  Perhaps not by 2006 standards, but definitely by 2008’s.  I just don’t have any interest in walking on the end of a rubber band…especially when I can enjoy plenty of pixellated creativity across the grid without such hassles.  

Hopefully things will lighten up later in the week (Burning Life is only open for 1 week – another brilliant move) and the sims will be passable.  I really want to see what’s there…much of it won’t be recreated after the event is over.


*Unless you’re Cheen Pitney.  Like we’re going to forget that one!

[UPDATE: Looks like I’m not the only one with this opinion!]

Blog Love: Shopping Cart Disco’s “SL Secret” series

Just like the Post Secret blog in RL, Shopping Cart Disco offers up “SL Secret,” a window into the culture, drama and souls behind the grid.  Each weekly entry offers up a handful of graphic “postcards” that say the things we’d never say in public…even the pixellated version of what stands for public in Second Life ™.  Here’s a sample entry:


from Shopping Cart Discos SL Secret series

from Shopping Cart Disco's "SL Secret" series

If you find this interesting, there’s a lot more where that came from.  Highly recommended!

Walkabout: AM Radio’s “Radio” at Welsh Lakes sim

It’s always a joy to see whatever AM Radio is up to. He’s taken the “radio” theme to its logical conclusion – a radio dish farm! Come check out the work of one of the finest builder/artists on the grid.
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Today, SL campus…tomorrow, the real thing

Yup, tomorrow I enroll in an “executive masters degree program” at Ohio University. First time back as a full-time student in 15 years. Wow….
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Moment of reflection

My day started by listening to the choirs at the memorial ceremony at the Pentagon. As I walked in to work, I saw a single American flag representing each innocent life lost on 9/11 was planted on the Statehouse lawn. It was haunting yet magnificent.

I’m ending it mulling over the tragedy of the World Trade Center. Today’s a day to reflect and pay tribute. Only SL lets me do so in such a vivid way.
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