I was not contacted by anyone from the Obama campaign

I can’t help but comment, though, on the similarity of the stage design at Mile High in Denver to that of my old Oyster Bay…

Photo by Isolde Flamand

Photo from the Associated Press, used for blog commentary purposes

Walkabout: Striking a pose in The Husk

AM Radio’s The Husk at NMC is one of his most underappreciated builds.  This desert scene offers a sense of space, of isolation, that I don’t think anyone else in SL can match.

The build has classic AM Radio pieces – a classic car, a bi-plane, a table, chairs (lots of them!), a vintage sewing machine – but above all, it offers space.  So I thought I would take advantage of that, toss my shoes off, and take a few snaps.  Here’s a sampling of what I came up with:

For you fashionistas out there: The hair is “The Ibiza” by Armidi, the skin is “Empire Tan” by SLSkins (remarkably inexpensive, yet the one I keep coming back to…), the shirt is “Men’s Used Shirt (white)” by yamy and the jeans are “Relax Jeans (straight cool)” by Relax.

SLART Summer Festival 2008

I’m playing with a “Gestural Music Experiment” in the sky over Artropolis, an interactive piece that combines user control with sound in a deliciously surreal environment. I believe the build is by Dizzy Banjo. Nice job, and a strong collection of many artists’ works collected by ArtWorld Market in Filthy Fluno’s sim. You can visit by teleporting here.
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The view from my “front door,” Part Deux

Who woulda thunk – the Lindens apparently saw all of the abuse reports filed in Bay City and removed the garish blue “for sale” signs from the sims. (Well, all but one.)

Thanks to all of the Bay Citizens who pitched in to clean up the neighborhood. Guess that snarky machinima that I was working on won’t be needed…
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The view from my “front door”

Kudos to Linden Lab for oh-so-promptly handling the Abuse Reports I placed regarding landowner Taiichi Tiger and advertising prim rezzer Smith Jaehun. (/snark)

As Jack Linden himself said:
“Using content, particularly advertising, to deliberately and negatively affect another resident’s view so as to sell a parcel for an unreasonable price, will be deemed unacceptable and dealt with as a violation of our community standards.”

L$210,000 for 640 sq sm. Those giant blue boxes. What doesn’t apply here?

It’s as if Linden Lab just doesn’t care about its residents’ quality of life on the mainland. What does a guy have to do? When will the Lindens start caring?
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Benefit Auction for Phoenix Psaltery

Phoenix Psaltery

Harper Ganesvoort tells us that Metaverse Messenger’s Phoenix Psaltery is quite ill, and that Second Lifers ™ are coming together (as they are so great at doing) for one of their own.

Check out Harper’s post for more information on the benefit auction, and give back to a guy who’s given years of blood, sweat and pixels to make the Second Life community that much more robust.  I mean, he writes a weekly column and coordinates so much of the paper!  I can’t imagine a Second Life without the Metaverse Messenger…if I can’t make it to the auction, I’ll plan on donating regardless.

By the way, I really like that so many SL live musicians are coming out for Phoenix.  There probably isn’t a bigger media promoter of the SL music scene than he.  That they are supporting him in his time of need speaks volumes about the depth of the relationships that exist in Second Life.

Click the graphic for SLURL to teleport

UPDATE: M2 Publisher Katt Kongo, filling in on Phoenix’s regular column, sheds more light on the situation – and the incredible response of the SL community. (Page 5 of the PDF)

A tour from Tayzia

Doesn’t get much better than this…Looking at an interactive Flickr search of Starax with Tayzia Abbatoir, First Lady of Second Life art!
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