New Oyster Bay Welcome Center is open

Finally, a satisfactory resolution to one of my pet peeves about Oyster Bay.  As big as the place is, why isn’t there a “welcome center” where people can acclimate themselves and learn more about the richness of resources that are available?

Located right off the pier within steps of the property landing zone, this facility features touch-delivered URL links to key parts of the Second Arts blog, landmarks and t-shirt freebies.  The classic Oyster Bay graphic has been augmented with a nifty “welcome” as you can see.  Also, the picture frame at the back is an incredible, low-lag rotating image viewer that offers up some tips for visitors and photos from the Oyster Bay community’s finest moments.

The blog upgrades have been pretty considerable, too, to match up to the welcome center.  The Artists and Stores pages were launched, offering SLURLs to every significant point in Oyster Bay.  (I’m still working on store details and accumulating photos of the individual sculpture works.)  No more getting lost in the gardens – find what you’re looking for fast from these pages and have more time to explore!

All that in a room with gently falling water textures.  It’s bright, it’s user-friendly, it’s integrated (with the blog) and it’s DONE!  Just in time for Hidden Starax! to begin!

SL Insider picks up Hidden Starax! release

Thanks to Akela Talamasca and the crew at SL Insider for running our release.  I knew that was a popular blog, but the traffic at Oystre Bay this morning after the story posted has been incredible!