Morris Vig Second Life self-portrait

I’m Morris Vig.  Or, more accurately, my Second Life avatar is Morris Vig.  I’m the guy who owns the former Oyster Bay Sculpture Garden and Aquarium.  I’m fortunate that I found my footing in Second Life through its art community and enjoy the many friendships I have with some of SL’s most creative minds.

Until I chose to close Oyster Bay, this blog had been largely about the venue and the people and works that we promoted there.  Now, I have a blog and no venue.  The blog must change as a result.  I’m going to use it to promote the arts in general in Second Life.  If I see a work that I like – or a gallery/art venue that deserves attention – I’ll offer it up for consumption.  I’ll also use it to comment on the many issues in Second Life that affect the creative community and larger culture of the grid.  

I also attempt to be a little bit of an inworld photographer and machinimatist, which is a challenge as I have no formal training and have made a habit of hanging out with people who have much more talent.  I’ve shown at the old (Oyster Bay-adjacent) Second Arts photo gallery and am showing a collection of my photos at Jazz Calhern’s Jazz by the Sea gallery.  

Second Life right now is, in my opinion, the cutting edge of web-based social and creative development.  This is a magic moment in the history of the Internet.  I’m glad to share what little I know with all of you.  Enjoy the blog.

I’m probably more prolific than I should be on the web…look at the left-hand column for me on different social networking and image-sharing sites.

Emails can go to me directly at morrisvig[at]sbcglobal[dot]net, but I also love to see comments to individual blog entries as well.

6 Responses

  1. ok, there is no about page, but there is a contact 😉
    please, make some RSS links, and make them visible. thanks.


  2. Thanks for the feedback. It’s great to see that people are looking at the blog. I tossed some info in about Oyster Bay and the blog in general on this page.

    As for RSS links, I’ll try but am limited by what WordPress allows me to do on this free blog. I know you can subscribe to the site’s total feed, as I do so through NetVibes.

  3. The RSS link is
    https://secondarts.wordpress.com/feed/ – I used my Google Toolbar to add this to my Google Reader (I’m a Google fan, yes) and it’s been working great.

  4. Absolutely one of the highlights of my six-month life in Second Life. When I first walked thru these displays I actually spent time enjoying the works. It felt very much like an experience in a real museum. Didn’t matter that I was alone that day.. I was totally entranced.

    Then thru a wonderful chance of circumstances I met Morris Vig and got a personal Skype dialog of all the wonderful exhibits. Nothing is as fascinating as a tour by the person with the knowledge and passion. Highly reccommend that all go here..
    Click on things interact with the items around u. A wonderful stimulating, enlightening experience! Thanks again Morris for your time, talent and dedication.

  5. It was a pleasure to walk you through, Pamela! Please come back, and bring your friends!

  6. Keep writing those virtual arts articles!
    And welcome to my link list.

    Speedmaster Bing

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