Same piece, different views

Part of the beauty of this intersection of SL sculpture and SL photography is the subjective interpretation of inworld artwork as expressed in the images we share. Thanks to friends, as well as sites like Snapzilla, you can see the diversity in the artistic eye.

Today’s case study: Light Waves’ Angel in Bondage from the Rezzable Hallucinogen sim. First up, Isolde Flamand:

…and MANY more interpretations to follow…

Jordan Morgenrote:


Soleil Mirabeau:

Lunna Wilder:

Ziggy Quirk:

Amphithetre Andalso:

waelya Tenk:

Jellybean Madison:

Torley Linden:

Kumi Kuhr:

A couple thoughts: 1. That’s a GREAT sculpture. 2. The Second Life viewer is incredibly flexible, allowing for such a wonderful diversity of images.

4 Responses

  1. I gotta get a DD style one over to ya Morris… coming soon ;o)

  2. Black Swan is one of my ultimate favorite stops in SL. There was not any detail overlooked.. and it is hard not to take pages of snaps here lol. What an amazing place : )

  3. Why only angels in bondage? anything else?

  4. beautiful work, great job.

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