The next Second Arts show is set!


Maria Maria by Phinn Boffin, from her Flickr photostream

Maria Maria by Phinn Boffin, from her Flickr photostream

With a scheduled opening for February 7 at noon SL time, we’re going to have a show by SL photographer Phinn Boffin!


Check out her Flickr photostream here.

Can’t wait to see what she has in store for the gallery…

OpenSim Morris in his new OpenSimGrid pad

A couple sick days gave me time to play in OpenSim with my new homestead (at the Teravus Plaza sim, in case you care).  It was fun to build a little bayou shack from scratch…and making the details, like this lamp, reminded me that I really CAN build in SL.  (It’s been a while.)  So here’s the photo, in midnight mode…


Carlotta Ceawlin’s Second Arts show – A tour de force

Perhaps the greatest unanticipated benefit of the Second Arts “Bay City Visions” photo contest was the incredible talent that just came out of nowhere and amazed judges and visitors alike.  Chief among them is someone I did not know (and still barely know), German avatar Carlotta Ceawlin.  Her contest-winning photo is on the cover of the “Bay City Visions” book, of which she received a courtesy copy from yours truly.  She also had a one-month show at Second Arts, one that is closing tomorrow.

In retrospect, I did Carlotta a disservice by going on a (badly needed) vacation in the middle of January.  I hope everyone had a chance to see Carlotta works.  If you didn’t, I took photos of the displays and present them as a 31-slide display for posterity, and to inspire inworld photographers to push the boundaries…because, as Carlotta shows time after time, you can make incredible artwork with images from the grid.

Enjoy…and thank you, Carlotta!

Jonah Zenovka appointed new COO of Cetus Gallery District

Terrific news for a good guy and one of SL’s most important art communities…


27 Jan 09


TO: All Cetus Community Members

FROM: Xander Ruttan

RE: Appointment of Chief Operating Officer


As many of you know, Jonah Zenovka, Cetus Ruttan Association Vice President, has demonstrated a longstanding concern for and leadership within the Cetus community.  His example of community service has been evident here since joining the community in 2007.  What many of you may not see is that his exemplary spirit of service is manifested in his RL activities as well, as he effectively serves in leadership roles for many community service organizations that benefit from his mix of creative vision and hands-on effort.

Because my own RL professional commitments have increased greatly, particularly in recent months, I must be away from SL.  So effective today, I am expanding Jonah’s role to become Chief Operating Officer of Cetus Gallery District.  Please join me in congratulating him on his promotion as we begin a new chapter in the growth of Cetus, and expect the announcement of additional changes in coming weeks.

While I must be away by necessity, Jonah and I are in near-daily communication. So please know that any business or community life concerns will be addressed promptly.  Please direct your ideas, comments and concerns to him.  

Thank you for being an important part of Cetus Gallery District.


Xander [Ruttan]

In honor of the new President’s inauguration…

Obama brings “HOPE,” but Vig is “VIRTUAL”…

Vig, Obamacized

Here’s to the new administration – one that’s already planning to close Gitmo!

Back in a couple of weeks!

2009-01-09-buh-byeIt’s RL vacation time for Morris’ RL avatar…and he’s taking his laptop but won’t make any promises about his Twitter, Plurk, blog or inworld activity.  This has been one crazy year, and he needs to decompress.  Trust me, he REALLY needs to decompress.

You should stop by Second Arts while I’m out, though, as Carlotta Ceawlin has her month-long photo show up.  As great as her Bay City Visions-winning piece was, the rest of her portfolio is even better.  Definitely worth a visit.

And I’ll see you on the flip side…don’t let the grid burn down while I’m gone!

Vig does OpenSim

The OSGrid, to be precise.  It took all day, but the day was lazy and perfectly set for a series of explorations.  (Note I said series, as my Twitter and Plurk feeds tell you, my voyage was anything but crash-free…)  At the end of the day, here’s my first self-portrait:


Morris Vig's first self-portrait in OpenSim

Morris Vig's first self-portrait in OpenSim

Note that I’ve still got “Linden” hair and no prim shoes, but I was able to work out my shape and get skin and some clothes to avoid the “Ruth” look.  

I think I can see why some people are getting excited about OpenSim.  It really is the brave new world.  At the same time, it’s VERY sparsely populated, lacks content and makes sim crossings even more curious than the Second Life grid circa 2006.  Gwyn suggests that OpenSim is the platform of 2010; I’m not inclined to disagree.