The Oyster Bay Christmas Tree

So much to say about this, but – for now – enjoy the view.

Happy holidays, everyone!

ArtTalk: Success in SL Art transcript

Thanks to the many people who attended this evening’s ArtTalk panel on “Success in Second Life Art.”

Special thanks also to our panelists, Madcow Cosmos, Filthy Fluno, Gracie Kendal and Cheen Pitney for their active participation and discussion of such a wide variety of topics.

Per requests of the attendees, the transcript of the event follows after the fold….

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Don’t Forget: ArtTalk on Monday!

ArtTalk - Success in SL Art

6PM Monday – November 26

Featuring…Madcow Cosmos, Filthy Fluno, Gracie Kendal & Cheen Pitney

Don’t miss it!

Madcow’s ready for tomorrow’s ArtTalk

Yup, that’s our guy – made up an effete artiste avi complete with beret, cigarette andround glasses…..AND a turtleneck! 

We’ll see everyone at Oyster Bay at 6PM Monday!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I’ve got a lull in the action before the crowd arrives for turkey & other goodies, so let me send some Second Arts love out to the loyal readers of this blog.

It’s a pleasure to offer a little insight into the creative community of Second Life residents.  I only wish I could do it more…

So, from The Big Turkey himself, have a wonderful day and give thanks for the wonderful gifts in all of your lives!

Oyster Bay to host ArtTalk panel on “Success in SL Art”

Filthy Fluno Gracie Kendal

Filthy Fluno…………………….Gracie Kendal

Cheen Pitney Madcow Cosmos

Cheen Pitney…………………….Madcow Cosmos

***Monday, November 26 – 6PM SLT***
Oyster Bay Sculpture Garden and Aquarium

The arts market has proven to be one of the drivers of Second Life economic and cultural life. But Second Life is a different environment than the “RL world.” There are different drivers, different motivations to Second Life.

Oyster Bay Sculpture Garden and Aquarium revives the ArtTalk discussion format for one special evening…inviting guests to join Madcow Cosmos, Filthy Fluno, Gracie Kendal and Cheen Pitney as they discuss the different aspects of success in Second Life art. These four individuals, all considered “successful” by most, have taken different tracks to achieve their status.

What makes one successful – Money? Exposure? Creative freedom? So much to explore…and we’re going to discuss this concept. This wide-ranging discussion is not to be missed!

For more information, IM Morris Vig or email Morris at morrisvig [at] sbcglobal [dot] net.

Windlight joy

Cheen’s First Nations Dancers glistening in the light of a WindLight sunset:

Gorgeous, simply gorgeous.