Turning Japanese

Oh boy…spend a couple hours in a Japanese sim and you become a mecha warrior! Seriously, I was floored at the level of intricacy of this avatar – perhaps the best “robot” avatar I’ve seen, combining prims and textures (OK, Madcow Cosmos probably makes better robots…). Anyway, this is going to be fun. Many folks have “alts” (alternate avatars) – I have 3, in fact – but this is just another avatar within my basic Morris Vig self. Just costume time, much like most of Second Life. It’ll be fun to see where this fella takes me…
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Now, THIS is a walkabout trip!

In case you didn’t know, I have a thing for Japanese content creators. I’ve admired their clothing (of which I own a fair bit), their textures and their ingenuity with a prim. Having a couple of spare minutes yesterday (…and now I’ll allow you to pick yourselves up off the floor after that statement…), I plugged “Japan shopping male” into Search and started wandering the different places across the grid. Thus far, the Toyosu sim has been the most impressive. The content for sale is just wonderful, and this build has to be seen to be believed. WOW.
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