Closing AM Radio’s “The Refuge and The Expansion”


Saying goodbye for now.. by Callipygian Christensen, posted on Flickr

"Saying goodbye for now.." by Callipygian Christensen, posted on Flickr

From exhibition organizer Callipygian Christensen…this is one of those moments where it’s completely appropriate to lament the impermanence of Second Life builds.  


The Refuge and Expansion has been installed in the Wales sims for 10 months – a long time in SL, but it feels like such a short time as I sit and say goodbye. Sunset falls on The Refuge and Expansion on Sunday May 31st. There will be a final benefit concert for Heifer International from 3 -6 PM SL time, featuring Colemarie Soleil, Joaquin Gustav and Kelvinblue Oh.

Please join us to support a great cause, and to say goodbye (for now) to the Refuge. 

Get your last looks in now!

Machinima: AM Radio cornucopia

I stumbled across this machinima, which compiles many of AM Radio’s great builds…true works of art into themselves.  Thought you’d like to see, too.

Will AM Radio’s “The Quiet” go silent?

The Quiet by AM Radio, with Morris Vig participating

That’s what AmyFreeLunch is suggesting: 

AM Radio’s magnificent The Quiet – the artist’s most personal and, in my mind, important piece to date – is losing its home due to the impending price increase.  

If SL has anything resembling a cultural history (and I believe it does, and the need to preserve its history will become more and more important as we try and get this field to receive the credit and attention it deserves), then this piece is definitely right up there in the canon. Losing it would be devastating.

She’s so correct.

Amy then throws a question out to the masses – whether there might be a benefactor that could pick up the cost of hosting this build.  I don’t have enough to cover an entire sim – and I’m not sure one person would want to be the host of a project like this in perpetuity – but I have 1,920 square meters of leftover space before my tier goes up and would be pleased to donate that to a conservancy organized to preserve “The Quiet.”  

Anyone else want to step up?

[UPDATE: Apparently Princeton is dumping 4 artistic-themed sims.  It’s not entirely surprising, though.  I’ll refer you to the prior paragraph in this post: “…I’m not sure one person would want to be the host of a project like this in perpetuity…” – and this is why.  SL needs a core group of committed leaders on this issue, not the fickle generosity of a sugar daddy.]

That AM Radio…

Does he ever slow down?  

While he has his other giant builds, like The Refuge & The Expansion, the build at the University of Kentucky, and his lake house build, he goes and makes a beautiful, seasonal (and temporary) “mini-build” in the IBM sandbox:


Photo by AM Radio

Photo by AM Radio

I was feeling a little impish last night, and this tranquil scene cried out for some Viggishness.  And here’s what I came up with:


Photo by Morris Vig with apologies to AM Radio

Photo by Morris Vig with apologies to AM Radio

AM appeared to enjoy it…in fact, he named the photo, “You’ll shoot your eye out, and frag. Hard.”  I can live with that.

AM Radio’s next build discovered?

Not sure if anyone has seen this build by the prolific and talented AM Radio, but I stumbled upon it while looking for his classic desert build, “The Husk”:

Photo by Morris Vig

Photo by Morris Vig

I recognize the house and boat from his May 2008 “The Quiet,” which used the same in a snow scene:

Photo by Sansarya Caligari, courtesy of Snapzilla

Photo by Sansarya Caligari, courtesy of Snapzilla

Still, the addition of the deteriorating pier and the radio tower in the midst of all of the water put a new spin on the sense of solitude that is unique to AM’s inworld builds.

AM tells me that the background photo is from Lake Champlain, south of Ferrisburgh, Vermont.

By the way, readers who like AM’s work should also check out his build that is hosted by the University of Kentucky, “Beneath the Tree that Died.”  I know it’s getting some attention, and deservedly so.

Walkabout: Striking a pose in The Husk

AM Radio’s The Husk at NMC is one of his most underappreciated builds.  This desert scene offers a sense of space, of isolation, that I don’t think anyone else in SL can match.

The build has classic AM Radio pieces – a classic car, a bi-plane, a table, chairs (lots of them!), a vintage sewing machine – but above all, it offers space.  So I thought I would take advantage of that, toss my shoes off, and take a few snaps.  Here’s a sampling of what I came up with:

For you fashionistas out there: The hair is “The Ibiza” by Armidi, the skin is “Empire Tan” by SLSkins (remarkably inexpensive, yet the one I keep coming back to…), the shirt is “Men’s Used Shirt (white)” by yamy and the jeans are “Relax Jeans (straight cool)” by Relax.

The Refuge and The Expansion – Flickr group grows exponentially

Here’s a small sampling of the Flickr group for The Refuge and The Expansion, AM Radio’s fantastic build:

Thanks to Callipgyian Christensen for telling me about this great group.  It’s been live for a week and already has over 400 photos posted.  Definitely worth a look, especially if you are into inworld photography.

Visit this incredible build!