Walkabout: Striking a pose in The Husk

AM Radio’s The Husk at NMC is one of his most underappreciated builds.  This desert scene offers a sense of space, of isolation, that I don’t think anyone else in SL can match.

The build has classic AM Radio pieces – a classic car, a bi-plane, a table, chairs (lots of them!), a vintage sewing machine – but above all, it offers space.  So I thought I would take advantage of that, toss my shoes off, and take a few snaps.  Here’s a sampling of what I came up with:

For you fashionistas out there: The hair is “The Ibiza” by Armidi, the skin is “Empire Tan” by SLSkins (remarkably inexpensive, yet the one I keep coming back to…), the shirt is “Men’s Used Shirt (white)” by yamy and the jeans are “Relax Jeans (straight cool)” by Relax.