Jazz by the Sea presents Beaumont-Vig-Rossini


Jazz by the Sea Gallery presents the Second Life art of Barrowness Beaumont, Morris Vig, and Cala Rossini.  Come! Take in Barrowness Beaumont’s  gorgeous dreamlike landscapes; Morris Vig’s wonderful, thought-provoking SLscapes populated with avatars going about their SLives, and a selection of Cala Rossini’s award winning SL photo art!

In addition, Jazz Calhern, owner of Jazz by the Sea Gallery, has scattered a collection of her breath-taking avatar art among the flowers and birds in her garden by the sea!  Come and see, and listen to lovely streamed Irish music!

OMG! 240 WindLight settings!

Torley just posted this link to a totally new batch of WindLight settings.  204 sky settings, 36 water settings!  These are a great way to examine the possibilities of SL photography – or to improve your photography.  

Download now!

Walkabout: Striking a pose in The Husk

AM Radio’s The Husk at NMC is one of his most underappreciated builds.  This desert scene offers a sense of space, of isolation, that I don’t think anyone else in SL can match.

The build has classic AM Radio pieces – a classic car, a bi-plane, a table, chairs (lots of them!), a vintage sewing machine – but above all, it offers space.  So I thought I would take advantage of that, toss my shoes off, and take a few snaps.  Here’s a sampling of what I came up with:

For you fashionistas out there: The hair is “The Ibiza” by Armidi, the skin is “Empire Tan” by SLSkins (remarkably inexpensive, yet the one I keep coming back to…), the shirt is “Men’s Used Shirt (white)” by yamy and the jeans are “Relax Jeans (straight cool)” by Relax.

Walkabout treats: New clothes and cats

A unique joy of the walkabout is that you find such great stuff along the way. By way of The AvaStar, I found SHIKI. This grey suit appears to have a safari- or “Hawaiian”-themed trim. There are lots of great combinations to this – I count 5 jacket layers, 3 distinct shirt colors and 2 types of pants. Not bad!

As for the leopard, that’s by Gry Horus of AE Industries. I picked up a panther, too. They’re so well done…the textures carry the pieces. I’m thrilled to have them in my collection!  Come see the leopard at Second Arts.
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Walkabout: Reflecting on the docks in Silent Hill

Apparently, there was a movie by this name and inspired the sim. I look at it as a decent urban build – with lots of nooks and crannies to explore. I wish the buildings were better-stocked, but the exteriors make great backdrops.
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Walkabout: Relaxing on an inworld afternoon

A beautiful waterful at AE Industries…seemed to just shine in my “Matrix” WindLight preset. It’s wonderful to see use of the virtual worlds to evoke images of nature, like AM Radio’s builds do. They really do strike an emotional chord, even though we all know that they’re not real…
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The Refuge and The Expansion – Flickr group grows exponentially

Here’s a small sampling of the Flickr group for The Refuge and The Expansion, AM Radio’s fantastic build:

Thanks to Callipgyian Christensen for telling me about this great group.  It’s been live for a week and already has over 400 photos posted.  Definitely worth a look, especially if you are into inworld photography.

Visit this incredible build!