Interactive works at Ars Simulacra

Mencius Watts and Taggert Alsop at Ars Simulacra  on the NMC Campus
Sunday, August 24th at 2pm slt

Mencius Watts and Taggert Alsop present a collection of recent virtual works at the New  Media Consortium’s Ars Simulacra SL Artist Showcase Island. Watts and Alsop explore their latest investigation of the possibilites of the virtual in their latest series of collaborative interactive works.

They position their work to act as a mediator of sorts – to draw out the transformative potential inherent in that jumping off point of engagement – a threshold moment. They are fascinated in how forms, sounds and images can allow interaction at its most fundamental level – not necessarily the literal operation of a work, but to be immersed within its experience. In working between various technologies and disciplines – in both realites – they have also come to value the synergy of collaboration with other artists, scientists and thinkers on numerous projects.

The significance of the tangible/physical becomes fleeting, shifting emphasis from the traditional notion of the art object back toward the experience.

Enjoy 🙂

Mencius Watts and Taggert Alsop

August 18, 2008

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