Gen-X’ers and Millennials in Second Life

Nice piece, really nice.  I suppose I hadn’t looked at Second Life ™ from the perspective of a demographer before, and these broad sociological/generational themes have always been an interest of mine.  Perhaps they’re onto something when saying that Millienials can’t relate to the open-endedness of Second Life (a Gen-X playground if there ever was one) – and that the sheer numbers of Gen-Xers makes Second Life less welcoming to the youngsters.  Anyone else have opinions on this?

Walkabout: Green Hill III – Commercial District (CD-1)

Yet another mysterious landmark drops in my inventory, and I’m compelled to check it out. I’ve landed in a futuristic shopping mall/Blade Runner scene complete with giant screens and towering (and well-textured) structures with plenty of places for an avatar to explore. A build as well-developed as this usually has a back-story…I wonder what this one’s is. Anyone know?
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Walkabout: Impressive build by Rizla Laval

This quasi-gothic tower really struck me…who would’ve thought that it was a prefab build? Stop by the Okutama sim (yes, I’m trolling around the Japanese sims again) and admire the great textures and intricate prim work up top.
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