New Flickr contacts – Beautiful photography!

While I’ve been out, a couple people have added me as Flickr contacts. Of course, they are true virtual world photo artists, and not me, so I feel honored to be able to look at their work. Permit me to share with you a small sample from each of my new contacts – with links to their Flickr photostreams so you can see so much more beautiful photography for yourselves:

Thea Denja

Kekona Aichi

The visual arts talent on the grid is just amazing.  Make a point to stop by a Second Life ™ photography art gallery today and see what I mean!

Apologies, part 188…

Apologies for the lack of recent blog activity. Tons of RL family stuff over the last couple weeks. Still going on, actually. Toss in a newly-diagnosed sinus infection, and I just haven’t been online as much.

I’m still reading the blogs and keeping up with the goings-on in SL ™ but haven’t had time to post much at all. Hopefully it’ll come back to normal soon.