Walkabout: Planet Mongo

WOW. What an incredible build! This definitely warrants further investigation…
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Walkabout treats: New clothes and cats

A unique joy of the walkabout is that you find such great stuff along the way. By way of The AvaStar, I found SHIKI. This grey suit appears to have a safari- or “Hawaiian”-themed trim. There are lots of great combinations to this – I count 5 jacket layers, 3 distinct shirt colors and 2 types of pants. Not bad!

As for the leopard, that’s by Gry Horus of AE Industries. I picked up a panther, too. They’re so well done…the textures carry the pieces. I’m thrilled to have them in my collection!  Come see the leopard at Second Arts.
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Machinima: Flying Lights

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I took advantage of a day off of work (danged sinus infection) to slowly work through a challenge that I’d always wanted to address – that being how to make swirling, bright shining lights.  I think I got there and made a machinima to celebrate.  Enjoy!

Walkabout: Reflecting on the docks in Silent Hill

Apparently, there was a movie by this name and inspired the sim. I look at it as a decent urban build – with lots of nooks and crannies to explore. I wish the buildings were better-stocked, but the exteriors make great backdrops.
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Walkabout: Relaxing on an inworld afternoon

A beautiful waterful at AE Industries…seemed to just shine in my “Matrix” WindLight preset. It’s wonderful to see use of the virtual worlds to evoke images of nature, like AM Radio’s builds do. They really do strike an emotional chord, even though we all know that they’re not real…
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The Refuge and The Expansion – Flickr group grows exponentially

Here’s a small sampling of the Flickr group for The Refuge and The Expansion, AM Radio’s fantastic build:

Thanks to Callipgyian Christensen for telling me about this great group.  It’s been live for a week and already has over 400 photos posted.  Definitely worth a look, especially if you are into inworld photography.

Visit this incredible build!