The view from my “front door”

Kudos to Linden Lab for oh-so-promptly handling the Abuse Reports I placed regarding landowner Taiichi Tiger and advertising prim rezzer Smith Jaehun. (/snark)

As Jack Linden himself said:
“Using content, particularly advertising, to deliberately and negatively affect another resident’s view so as to sell a parcel for an unreasonable price, will be deemed unacceptable and dealt with as a violation of our community standards.”

L$210,000 for 640 sq sm. Those giant blue boxes. What doesn’t apply here?

It’s as if Linden Lab just doesn’t care about its residents’ quality of life on the mainland. What does a guy have to do? When will the Lindens start caring?
posted by Morris Vig on Bay City – Tanelorn using a blogHUD : [blogHUD permalink]

2 Responses

  1. Quality of life, even in virtual space, should be sacrosanct. That your neighbors and LL have no regard for your quiet enjoyment of your home space is really shameful and disrespectful. Visual blight and excessive greed have combined to ruin many beautiful spaces within SL. Standards need to be enforced; otherwise, they ring hollower than a cheap aluminum prim.

    Time to get out the air freshener, dear Lindens—the odor of hypocrisy is permeating the grid…

  2. Morris thank you so much for bringing your voice to this issue! All of the neighbors cooperated to file reports and today 8/23 I checked and the signs are gone! I am grateful for everyone’s support and communication, and also to Linden Lab for addressing it and doing the right thing.

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