“The Wall” in SL

[ Gosh, I hope I can make it to this one. I was a huge Pink Floyd and Roger Waters fan throughout high school…]

The Cybernetic Art Research Project proudly presents…

An international team of artists collaborated for ten weeks to bring ‘The Wall’ into SL:

Comments from recent preview performances:
“Best thing I have ever seen in SL”
“Sets a new benchmark for live performances in SL”
“An incredible technical feat to have been able to achieve all this within SL”

SATURDAY 12th APRIL 2008 2pm
SUNDAY 13th APRIL 2008 2pm


Interest in these two initial performances in high! Arrive early!
All proceeds to Relay for Life. Pease give generously

The Wall Team:

Creative Director: Debbie Trilling (UK)
Producer: Velazquez Bonetto (Germany)
Wall Design: Elfod Nemeth (UK)
Giant Animated Puppets: Duggy Bing (US)
Costumes & Animations: Caravaggio Bonetta (Austria)
New Song: Juniverse Stockholm (Sweden) and Josina Burgess (Holland)
Machinema: Eifachfilm Vacirca (Switzaland)

with valuable contributions from:

Scio Kamanchi (US)
Celeste Moonlight (US)
DJ Jenns (UK)
Adec Alexandria (UK)
George W Bush (US)

and, of course, Pink Floyd’s incredible album ‘The Wall’

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