Gwyneth on Linden Lab’s culture of lousy communications

I know I promised to post less about this type of stuff – and I will, trust me (here’s a picture of a classic Elsewhere Essex piece as proof that I still love Second Life sculpture art!) – but Gwyneth Llewelyn posted a reasoned overview of the ongoing challenges that Linden Lab has had in the world of public communications.  I share with you, because I believe that (like me) she complains because she cares.

I won’t even say that I agree with everything she has to say, but her treatises offer perspective that everyone who cares about the underbelly of Second Life should consider.  These Linden folks aren’t gods…they’re people.  One would hope that people would learn from their past mistakes and move forward stronger.  Linden clearly has done so on the technical front (grid snafus of the last couple weeks making this assertion a debatable point), but they appear to have a cultural predilection for stubbing their toe again, again and again on the human side of things.

Go read this one. It’s worth the time.

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