My emotional line in the sand

I’ve seen all sorts of comments about Linden Lab setting up special privileges for IBM, forcing users to accept the new SL branding rules through an affirmative gesture on the Terms of Service before being able to log in and now messing around with the SL economy through dropping prices at the land store. In most cases (land store changes perhaps excepted), I just shake my head in amazement that Linden Lab is so blatantly squandering the goodwill in the user base that they’ve taken so long to build up.

Well, enough is enough. Linden Lab clearly isn’t going to change toward anything I would consider for the better, and I don’t participate in the Second Life culture so I can bitch about how some company hundreds of miles away conducts its business. I will reiterate, I complain because I care. At the same time, this attitude gets worn down every time Linden Lab pulls another boneheaded maneuver.

So I’m drawing my “emotional line in the sand.” I’m going to commit to try to have more fun and less griping in SL. In case you haven’t noticed, my posts of the last few days are indicative of this attitude. Linden is botching their preeminence in the virtual world industry, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t bright, artistic minds who should be lifted up and celebrated. I’m going to recommit, here and now, to do a better job doing just that.

That doesn’t mean I’ll stop commenting on the issues of SL and LL. I just won’t do it as much. And it’s not because I don’t care…it’s because I have to remember that SL exists for me as a recreation tool. Corporate politics isn’t recreation. The SL Ballet is. Great sculpture is. Great music is.

The SL Ballet

Quite a nice performance! I was impressed with the live animations to advance the story. Thanks to Isolde for suggesting that we attend.
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My first trip to the SL Ballet

You run into the most interesting — ummmm — people here, apparently!
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