Gotta love the old mainland

If you’re ever up for an interesting trip, teleport into “Da Boom” sim and wander around the immediate area. Da Boom, as you may know, is the first SL sim. The old mainland is a glorious mess, a patchwork of expert builds right next to newbie plywood boxes. Nothing is made any more orderly by the +/-40m terrain landscaping capacity, mind you.

Keep wandering, however, because you find the niftiest little builds like this suspension bridge in the Kissling sim. Suspension bridges are so simple, but their size and scope are so elegant. They’re also a fascinating prim construction challenge, so I appreciate ’em all the more. Well, off for more exploring…
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The realXtend multi-grid viewer

OK you grid-hopping, multi-multiverse types…kick the WindLight habit and check out realXtend’s open grid viewer. Supposedly, it’ll be able to hop you between the Second Life grid and other grids operating on OpenSim. Not being much of an OpenSim guy, I’ll leave the evaluations of that aspect to the readers to figure out. As for the viewer? It’s OK…the interface is very close to Linden Lab’s SL viewer, but the colors and fonts are a little different. Actually, the colors resemble the new Dazzle release candidate from Linden. For more on realXtend, go to: their site.
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GREAT new Ruta Maya machinima by Kronos

Kudos to Kronos Kirkorian on his fantastic new machinima that spotlights the new Visit Mexico sim, accompanied by an original soundtrack from Dizzy Banjo:

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Great work, gents!