Some hope at the top of Linden Lab

Linden Lab hired a new Chief Executive Officer, and I’ve been unimpressed with what I’ve read. But what I’ve read has been new (somewhat) Top Dog Mark Kingdon spouting the talking points of a company in transition.

I just found a more in-depth interview with him, and you can read all about it here, courtesy of MIT’s Technology Review. In the interview, Kingdon says amongst all of the corporate-speak:

[MK:]  It’s just mind-blowing that this is all user-generated content. I haven’t yet created anything myself other than clothing, but I think that’s the next step for me because I like to make things.

TR: Creating things seems like a Second Life rite of passage.

MK: That’s definitely the story of Second Life. Once you cross that magical “Aha!” place, it becomes very compelling.

This is good. Respect the creative power that comes from the Second Life tools, and you’ll have a better understanding of what makes it great. Sure, there’s a lot to be said for an easier user experience and reeling in the corporate customers (yeah, I’m being pragmatic)…but you have to give people a REASON to come to Second Life. That reason, in part, is the creativity that it spawns.

Make lots of things, Mr. Kingdon. If you need some inspiration or tips, I know a few people who can give you some insights.