“The Wall [in Second Life]” to return!

Debbie Trilling offers us some incredible news:


We will be performing the show again at the 4-sim Mankind Tracer Amphitheatre @ Havens Paradise.

It will take us a couple of weeks to re-build, re-configure and re-test the objects, the controllers and the numerous sub-systems but we hope to be fully up and running by the weekend of the 26/27th April.

We will keep Morris and Doubledown informed and hopefully you’ll catch the finalised dates from their blogs )


That says it.  For the many, many people who missed out, stay tuned to this blog for news of the forthcoming run of “The Wall.”  In the interim, I’d like to offer my photo retrospective of the opening show.

Mankind Tracer, good for you for taking up this opportunity.  This is a great show…I’d say one of the top ten experiences that I’ve had in Second Life.