Great blog: Second Life Conceptual Creations

I love blogs that not only talk about the artistic pursuits using virtual worlds, but those that also talk about the technical aspects of how they got there.  Not that I could ever do half of what the bloggers are talking about (Frankly, I don’t have time or probably technical acumen to script like I need to…), but I like to see how the technical influences the artistic…and vice versa.

Gaynor Gritzi has just that in a blog I just discovered, Second Life Conceptual Creations.  This is one creative mind, and she is doing a wonderful job explaining how the new developments in the Second Life technical foundations – things like Havoc 4, Mono, etc. – are impacting the ability to create.  Things like running 20mx20mx20m balls down a hollowed-out megaprim winding tunnel or wind/cloud sensitive scultpures.   Or sculpties (see the photo!)  Too cool.

There’s a certain level of joy in sharing the discovery with people, and Gaynor communicates just that.  Second Life Conceptual Creations is now on my NetVibes page.   I’ll add it in my links on the side column as well.

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  1. Thanks for the kind words.

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