Hey Lindens!

We’re not waiting for you to get your act together.

Lead, follow, or get out of the way.  Or, I suppose, watch your talented userbase switch to OpenSim…or some other virtual world.

Interrupting the fun for a moment

I see that Richard Minsky (SL: ArtWorld Market) is intending to sue a few companies and people over the use of his trademarked work, “SLArt” ™.

It’s always a little distressing to see that Minsky has a few “John Does” in his sights because one never knows if they qualify as a “John Doe”.  To be clear, I have made sure since learning of Minsky’s trademark approval to not use the term “SLArt” ™ except to identify the intellectual property of Richard Minsky.  I refer to “Second Arts” (the blog name, the name of an inworld art facility and a generic term that speaks to the arts in Second Life ™ ), SL ™ art and SL ™ artisans.  But not SLArt ™.

Long story short: I’m dumb but not stupid.  It’s Minsky’s trademark just as Second Life ™ is Linden Lab’s.  And I don’t have a dog in Minsky’s fight…and I should not be a “John Doe.”  I wish Minsky well in his legal pursuits.

Lastly, I acknowledge that Minsky and Linden Lab’s respective trademarks are REGISTERED trademarks.  I can’t make that “r” with a circle around it on this blog but can make the raised “tm”.  I presume that indicator is better than nothing as it indicates recognition of their intellectual property.