Who knew?

With all of the “transformative changes” going on in my RL, it took an IM from Isolde Flamand to remind me that my rez day was 2 days ago.  Guess I’m already into another trip around the pixellated sun.  Incredible…

Transformative changes

Change is always difficult; I remember how I agonized when my change in RL circumstances forced me to close Oyster Bay and radically downshift my “second life.”  

Well, it’s gonna happen again.

I’m being forced to contemplate a couple tremendous changes in my RL…more on them as I choose to share.  Suffice to say that I have absolutely no idea what they will do to my lives – first or second.  Fortunately, I’ve kept my SL® existence pretty low-key recently, so I won’t have to force an unpleasant change of circumstances on those who I really do care about like I did last time.  

To my friends: Bear with me…I’m just surfing on top of the waves as they come crashing in…

The Rings – A new CARP/Diabolus inworld performance

[From Josina Burgess…reproduced verbatim]

Come as an avatar – leave as a human being. Dare you become Homo Sapiens V2.0?

The Rings is virtual reality’s first protest rock opera. It has grown over months from new forms of international artistic collaboration. The new show is created by the CARP/Diabolus team of international artists as a follow up to the successful The Wall. Music has been specially written and composed for the show. There are spectacular images and effects and a team of live performers.

The Rings celebrates the miracle of the Metaverse. It asks – is this where humanity can at last unite? Can we overcome the force that pushes us towards global destruction and blames victims for the pain they feel? It reminds us that we can be guided towards optimistic action by great humanists and philosophers.

The Premiere is Saturday 6 September
1 pm SLT (10pm CETS, 9pm BST).
2nd show at 2.30pm.

There will be regular performances on Fridays and Sundays at 2pm SLT. After some performances there will be Rings discussion circles, involving campaign organisations active in Second Life.

A new camera system has been developed to focus audience views in special scenes on closeups of the action.

Second Arts at Manzanillo

I took up Michelle Babii’s offer on a tip from Calligypian Christensen and now have a small space at the Manzanillo Artist Enclave. It’s just a room, and only 6 photos with a little visual interest in the center of the room, but I think that the display offers up a little of the core message from my Bay City place. Now I just need to get some newer photos taken so I can replace the older ones!

Stop by if you get a chance…Manzanillo has plenty of terrific artists on display. It’s one of Second Life’s great group gallery spaces. Michelle and Mark Athens have done a great job here.
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Walkabout: Airship Caravan

Probably the last of my walkabout snaps from the Metabirds sims…and probably the most fantastic! When you can have an airship cluster like these, why stop at skyboxes? This is a concept sim of the highest order and a wonder to explore. So many creative builds throughout!
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Hey Lindens!

We’re not waiting for you to get your act together.

Lead, follow, or get out of the way.  Or, I suppose, watch your talented userbase switch to OpenSim…or some other virtual world.

Interrupting the fun for a moment

I see that Richard Minsky (SL: ArtWorld Market) is intending to sue a few companies and people over the use of his trademarked work, “SLArt” ™.

It’s always a little distressing to see that Minsky has a few “John Does” in his sights because one never knows if they qualify as a “John Doe”.  To be clear, I have made sure since learning of Minsky’s trademark approval to not use the term “SLArt” ™ except to identify the intellectual property of Richard Minsky.  I refer to “Second Arts” (the blog name, the name of an inworld art facility and a generic term that speaks to the arts in Second Life ™ ), SL ™ art and SL ™ artisans.  But not SLArt ™.

Long story short: I’m dumb but not stupid.  It’s Minsky’s trademark just as Second Life ™ is Linden Lab’s.  And I don’t have a dog in Minsky’s fight…and I should not be a “John Doe.”  I wish Minsky well in his legal pursuits.

Lastly, I acknowledge that Minsky and Linden Lab’s respective trademarks are REGISTERED trademarks.  I can’t make that “r” with a circle around it on this blog but can make the raised “tm”.  I presume that indicator is better than nothing as it indicates recognition of their intellectual property.