Burning Life: Let’s get it out on the table

Burning Life, the grid-wide celebration of unbridled* creativity, opened yesterday.  There’s a great unofficial Burning Life blog in addition to the official Linden Lab wiki/blog hybrid.  

I swung by last night to check out the fun and found that the section I explored resembled much of the welcome area and organization of the real Burning Man event.  I also stumbled across a creative build by AM Radio and chatted with both AM and his friend Astra (I’ll try to grab a snapshot later).

I would have spent more time there except, well, the lag was out of sight.  Perhaps not by 2006 standards, but definitely by 2008’s.  I just don’t have any interest in walking on the end of a rubber band…especially when I can enjoy plenty of pixellated creativity across the grid without such hassles.  

Hopefully things will lighten up later in the week (Burning Life is only open for 1 week – another brilliant move) and the sims will be passable.  I really want to see what’s there…much of it won’t be recreated after the event is over.


*Unless you’re Cheen Pitney.  Like we’re going to forget that one!

[UPDATE: Looks like I’m not the only one with this opinion!]

2 Responses

  1. Morris, next year join the Burning Life Group even if you don’t build. You can be a little more leisurely in touring around before the opening, if nothing else. I grabbed a plot on a whim, Corcosmia On The Playa, waaaay up North on Reaper sim. It’s not spectacular but it was fun to do.

    And we did Photohunt at the VAA build on Babel last night. Fun, but I definitely allowed some extra time for the unexpected gusts of lag that are almost sure to happen.

    And there’s tons of pictures by lots of different of Burning Life on Snapzilla and Flickr to peruse.

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