Second Arts at Manzanillo

I took up Michelle Babii’s offer on a tip from Calligypian Christensen and now have a small space at the Manzanillo Artist Enclave. It’s just a room, and only 6 photos with a little visual interest in the center of the room, but I think that the display offers up a little of the core message from my Bay City place. Now I just need to get some newer photos taken so I can replace the older ones!

Stop by if you get a chance…Manzanillo has plenty of terrific artists on display. It’s one of Second Life’s great group gallery spaces. Michelle and Mark Athens have done a great job here.
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Walkabout: Airship Caravan

Probably the last of my walkabout snaps from the Metabirds sims…and probably the most fantastic! When you can have an airship cluster like these, why stop at skyboxes? This is a concept sim of the highest order and a wonder to explore. So many creative builds throughout!
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