“flying Crescent” by Onakagoo Epin

A steampunk-ish beauty found during my trip to the Metabirds sims. The prim construction is deliciously intricate – 202 prims. You can attach it to your stomach and fly off into the wild blue yonder…or into a dream!

I have been so impressed with what I’ve seen from the Japanese sims thus far. I’m not yet done looking around and will be back soon.
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Walkabout: More from Memoris

The prior posting gives a sense of the magnitude of the place, but this one shows personifies it. Someone spent the time to build this memorial to a loved one.

Sunn Thunders and I have been I’ing about how SL can be a contemplative space. The grid is like Shel Silverstein’s book, “The Giving Tree”…It will be what you want it to be. In the case of those who are in mourning, I can’t imagine a better use for this online world.

This walkabout has been so rewarding. I STRONGLY recommend it to those who are looking to be amazed and inspired.
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Walkabout: Memoris Island

Memoris Island – most likely part of the Metabirds sim collection – is an entire sim transformed into a SL cemetery. For L$400 for 4 weeks, you can rent a cemetery plot and honor the ones you love who are no longer with you. I’m guessing that this is a newer sim as I only saw a few developed plots with memorials…and I can’t tell if they are examples or not.

SL is an emotionally intense place…one where the friendships are deep, and the losses cut even deeper. I’ve only been to one SL funeral, but the feelings and emotions were just as strong as in RL.

Suffice to say, I’ve never seen anything like this. I doubt it will be empty for long.
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Walkabout: Building as art

The building tools of Second Life make it easy to build boxes, create structures that are perfectly level and design spaces with perfect symmetry. It’s rare to find a builder who’s able to literally skew the box to make a more interesting space. ebisuya Spork offers up a very impressive build in Pigeon’s – a prefab store/art space/clothing store (love the diversity of SL creative minds!).

This property is located in an amazing multi-sim project owned by “Metabirds,” what appears to be a Japanese metaverse development company. Yeah, I’m still trolling around the Japanese sims, and this is one of the best collections that I’ve seen. Were they an inspiration for Bay City?
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