Mosaic in SLiving Color

Through a unique, collaborative community art show, Isolde Flamand has been assembling SL photography symbolizing the end of winter and beginning of spring in both RL and SL. Visitors are encouraged to buy a mosaic tile for L$1 and drop their unique photo onto the prim. Swing by and add your imagery to the mix!
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My second WindLight preset, “WhiteOut by Vig”

As an Easter treat to the fine readers of this blog, I offer you my latest WindLight sky preset:

WhiteOut by Vig

I’m a little tight on time, so you can refer to the installation instructions for my previously-offered preset, Hazy Day by Vig.   Works the same way.

I’ve had a lot of fun with WhiteOut and hopefully will post some snaps of my visual exploration of this preset over the weekend.  I hope you enjoy it too.  Happy Easter!