Jennifer Hana – “Sculptie” artist and designer

It’s been a while since I have been able to get out and look around at artists in SL. I DO look at Snapzilla a fair bit, though, to get a sense of the Second Life scene. I was particularly taken with this photo by Jennifer Hana…

Intriguing. Clearly, that was a bed in the foreground, but the drape on the bedcover and impressive textures on the walls, floor and ceiling indicated that this was a talented designer. So I looked around the store (Snapzilla offers direct SLURL-based teleports to the places where the photos were taken), was floored by what I saw and soon found myself teleported to the Sculptmix art studio. And look what I found!

Clearly this was a talent. The pieces were so well made, their texturing and gentle kinetic scripting were so well placed. So I snatched up a number of pieces and committed to writing a profile of Jennifer. In the course of a fantastic evening where we teleported around from place to place to place that she has built, she showed me her incredible world. I asked Jennifer to add a couple thoughts on her style, and you can read what she said after the fold:

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Juris Amat discussion on intellectual property rights and content creation in Second Life

SL art goddess Sasun Steinbeck (right) organized a gathering of one of Second Life’s best groups, the Art Gallery Owners group, and brought RL lawyer Juris Amat in to discuss issues of intellectual property…and the rights we have with our intellectual property.

The entire transcript of the event is posted after the fold, but I’ll take the liberty to share what I think to be the crux of the situation. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who knows me or reads this blog on a regular basis.

My feeling is that Linden Lab, through the way that they choose to govern the Second Life culture, has deliberately chosen to NOT make the security of intellectual property a priority in Second Life. As such, their policies allowing for grid hacks and anonymous accounts have made the Linden Lab assertions about enforcement of the American Digital Millenium Copyright Act laughable. I applaud the content creators who literally bared all to highlight the need to protect their intellectual property from piracy, but public awareness campaigns like theirs play to individual consumer guilt…not to systemic fixes.

Second Life, the platform owned by Linden Lab, IS able to offer systemic fixes if the owner of the platform want to make the fix. They have done so with gambling, inworld banking and ad farms (although the ad farm solution was less than ideal). This notion that they seem to be advancing is a “selective libertarianism” – not entirely the wild west that we expect, but not the controlled environment that one could reasonably expect with a proprietary immersive environment. Considering that Linden Lab clearly is willing to intervene in the Second Life society but cannot bring themselves to protect the rights of the creative class that they so desperately need to keep their anemic economy running….it defies logic.

Juris talks much more about the issues of intellectual property in Second Life art. The read is quite good. The issues are profound. The need for Linden Lab to recognize their responsibility to their customer base is undeniable.

So when’s something meaningful going to happen? What needs to happen for Philip Rosedale and his band of Lindens to step up and recognize that they (and they alone) have the tools to ensure Second Life’s primacy for months, if not years, to come?

I remain baffled by Linden Lab’s silence on this front.  Now, enjoy the transcript…

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“A Madcow Madhouse!”

Callipygian Christensen follows up on her sim-wide AM Radio exhibit with an exposition of Madcow Cosmos. I’ve seen a lot of his work from his repeated showings at Oyster Bay, but Madcow’s clearly been busy in addition to what I’ve seen….TONS of new works mixing his bones, steampunk and many, many more designs. Even some human figures (who knew?). Definitely worth seeing. Madcow is one of the true geniuses of Second Life art and sculpture; you’ll never see a vision like his from anyone else.
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[UPDATE: Charlot Dickins (whose blog is quickly becoming a must-read) has an excellent visual recap of the Madcow Cosmos show.  …   And Isolde Flamand’s photos from the Madcow Madhouse are just incredible!]

GEARS: The inside workings of Second Life

The Crescent Moon and Tayzia Abattoir are proud to Present “GEARS,” The inside workings of Second Life.

Two extraordinary artists are exhibiting their works until March 16, 2008: Bryn Oh is well established and her works are cherished by collectors throughout SL…. and TracyLynne Carpenter is a “Rising Star.” This curator predicts she will rocket to the ranks of SL’s most respected artists.

The picture here is of my sitting on Bryn’s “Time Machine.” Tayzia has quite a show on her hands; I’ve been enjoying her regular rotation of shows.
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Scope Cleaver goes to the desert

The Princeton OIT sim is host to Scope’s latest building – a place that, while being unmistakenly Scope Cleaver in design, reminds me of elements of Frank Lloyd Wright’s desert constructions. Quite an impressive build, indeed. Princeton University should be commended for keeping Scope on the payroll. Thanks to Bettina Tizzy for the heads up, too!
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