Linden Lab clearly has missed the boat

Check out these couple paragraphs, buried deep within Gwyn’s overview of the world of intellectual property and content theft in Second Life:

Education is probably the best effort that can be done so far. Lobbying for Linden Lab to acknowledge the issue and enforce copyright theft prevention is quite another story. One of the most-voted Jira issues is exactly about a demand for LL to step in and prevent piracy. But as you can see, Linden Lab didn’t even acknowledge it — the issue remains “Unassigned”, which mostly means that no LL employee is allowed even to consider the issue.

So we have to leave Linden Lab out of the equation. Although they stepped in on Casinos and Banks, it seems that they won’t step in on Content Piracy. Actually, this would be pretty consistent with their policy of “letting residents settle issues among themselves” (even if it is on real courts).

How many ways can I say it?  On this issue, Linden Lab is dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb.

I’m just beside myself with disbelief.  Those guys are going to get sued one of these days.  They’re going to pay a lot of money to someone.   And that payment will be fully justified.  I just hope their insurance policies are paid up.