If LL is taking ‘SL’, I am taking ‘DD’…. More on Brand Madness

As Morris posted HERE, LL wants their eyeball hand all to themselves, and wants no one to ever infringe upon the words “second” and “life” together.

Disclaimer: This picture posted in this blog in no way reflects anything to do with the company known as “Linden Lab” and the product “Second Life” Furthermore, this “Second Arts” blog is in no way officially connected with “Second Life” or “Linden Lab”. ….(sigh) …. Further furthermore… Doubledown Tandino is not the one in the picture wearing the TShirts. ….. fuuuuuuuuurthermore, “Second Life”& “Linden Lab” are cool, and this blog, and the readers, and Doubledown Tandino are in no way affiliated with “Second Life” or “Linden Lab” even though we’re the ones making it and they just own the land……

….. I give up….. are we going to have to write disclaimers like this on everything now?????? HELP US?!

Anyway, as a statement, I took it upon myself to make light of the madness and transform it into a violating new TShirt line. IM me inworld and I’ll be happy to give you the first set of 3.

SL Humor Tees - SL Trademark Violation TShirts - 3 Pack

“A Clockwork Orange” – A Second Life Homage




The Muzik Hauz has gone through multiple changes while in Second Life, but has been around for a long time! Unique music and unique ideas come from the crew involved. Here is their homage to The Clockwork Orange. ( I tried to create the opening scene to the movie using myself and Mr Widget, the owner.

More on the Manzanillo Art Gallery

manzanilloartgallery2-2-24-08.jpgmanzanilloartgallery4-2-24-08.jpgmanzanilloartgallery5-2-24-08.jpgmanzanilloartgallery3-2-24-08.jpgMorris’ post on Johnnie Mohr’s “Living in Art” exhibition spoke of the grand opening of the MANZANILLO ARTIST ENCLAVE on February 24th. I was fortunate enough to perform at the celebration. Here are more photos of the event.

Doubledown Tandino – New Second Arts Bloggist and Humorator

Doubledown - Black Tie and BluesHello all loyal faithful Second Arts blog readers. I’m Doubledown Tandino. If you’ve been to Oyster Bay, you may have seen a spikey haired dude trying to capture the fish so he could put leashes on them.

Anyhoo. I am glad to be a part of the Second Arts blog. I will be posting cool artsy things I find throughout Second Life. Since one of my specialities is DJing at Art Gallery Exhibitions, I sometimes get to go “behind the scenes” at the galleries.

I am looking forward to posting some cool worthy things I find in Second Life, and I thank you for welcoming me to the Second Arts blog.