Cheen Pitney’s “Gymnasts” at Artisan Square

I kept the lighting from some of my Noma Falta concert photos and noticed that the color of the sun was the same as the color of the gymnast’s pieces. Looks pretty cool!
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Noma Falta’s blues concert at Artisan Square

No better light to watch the show in! Noma’s definitely got a Junkyard Blues vibe to her…
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Resting in Shepherd’s forest

After the ill-fated glass tower build, which just didn’t strike my aesthetic fancy, I went back to what I know and started planting trees. An attractive place, punctuated by a few pleasant sculpture art pieces, it’s really different than the former Oyster Bay. No longer is my property a hub of community, artistic vision and life. It’s a contemplative space. Quiet. Serene. Perhaps that’s what I need in my SL right now. Anyway, here’s a photo of Morris enjoying the silence of the former Oyster Bay, now just the forest in Shepherd.
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“A Clockwork Orange” – A Second Life Homage




The Muzik Hauz has gone through multiple changes while in Second Life, but has been around for a long time! Unique music and unique ideas come from the crew involved. Here is their homage to The Clockwork Orange. ( I tried to create the opening scene to the movie using myself and Mr Widget, the owner.

More on the Manzanillo Art Gallery

manzanilloartgallery2-2-24-08.jpgmanzanilloartgallery4-2-24-08.jpgmanzanilloartgallery5-2-24-08.jpgmanzanilloartgallery3-2-24-08.jpgMorris’ post on Johnnie Mohr’s “Living in Art” exhibition spoke of the grand opening of the MANZANILLO ARTIST ENCLAVE on February 24th. I was fortunate enough to perform at the celebration. Here are more photos of the event.